Dave Bennett is the office manager. He grew up in Shinnston and has lived in the area since. He has a couple of years of experience in the diabetic shoe business and will strive to continue to take care of patient's needs.

Company Profile

Extra Mile


Founded: 2014

Owner: Andrew P Minigh DDS

Specializing in: Diabetic Footwear and Durable Medical Supplies


About Us

Andrew Minigh is the owner and has been the local dentist in the area for the past 7 years. When the previous company closed, he saw a continued need in the community to provide quality care.

Say hello to our TEAM!

Ashley Minigh-Butcher is a consultant. With her background in medial care, she knows the changes that occur as a results of diabetes and what to look for to prevent further issues.

Your foot health is important to us.


At Extra Mile, we care about your feet, and use the finest equipment available to ensure your footwear has the best possible fit. Whether you need new shoes conformed just for you or are picking up some extra supplies, we can help you. We never cut corners and always do what's best for you. You can trust that Extra Mile will take care of you.

Our shoes aren't just meant for those with diabetes. If you have any common ailments such as blisters or bunions, shin splints or foot pain, we can help. We have the ability to heat mold inserts to provide you lasting comfort in your shoes.