What makes diabetic shoes different?

     Diabetic shoes are specially designed with the patient’s needs in mind. They have the added features of extra

     depth to relieve pressure from different areas of your feet and also come in different widths to accommodate

     the expansion of your foot throughout the day. The materials used to craft the shoes are also more breathable to

     allow wicking of moisture away from your feet.  

Which of your shoes qualify for Medicare reimbursement?

     Qualifying patients are eligible for one pair of extra-depth shoes and three pairs of inserts every calendar year.

     We offer a wide selection of Medicare approved footwear that are marked as such in our online store. Any

     questions about a specific shoe may be directed to our office at (304) 592-1870.  

Who are your shoes intended for?

     All of the brands we carry were designed for diabetic patients. However, they are being recommended for those

     with any kind of therapeutic need. There are several styles that are designed for those who might not 

     necessarily have diabetes, but require a very lightweight shoe that provides breathability and added space.  

What are your shoes made of?

     The lines of shoes we carry are made of a number of materials. Generally the styles are made from full-grain

     leather or lycra.  

What types of inserts do you carry?

     We carry a few brands of standard heat-moldable inserts, which qualify for Medicare reimbursement.  

What is the purpose of the Dr. Comfort slippers you offer?

     Patients with diabetes or other foot conditions need to protect their feet at all times. The slippers prevent you

     from having to walk around barefoot. Any minor injury can become a big problem very quickly. They offer open

     and closed heel slippers with added depth and non-skid soles.